The MMM group at WHOI has several instruments in its pool of resources (click on icon below). Supported research includes the ongoing DIMES program, SPURS initiative and several other sponsored research programs. The pool is primarly driven by our Rockland Scientific microstructure profilers and assets. These are backed by a pair of Teledyne Webb Research Slocum gliders. Supporting hardware for this pool is redundant for most field operations.


Deep Operations:

  • VMP-5500 RSI SN008 “Vito” – Stock first generation VMP-5500
  • VMP-5500 RSI SN010 “Vader” – Stock first generation VMP-5500 with ECM sensor

Both VMP-5500′s can be partially interchangeable with different beacon and frame configurations.

Shallow Operations:

  • VMP-500 RSI SN026 “Mr. Whiskers” – Stock early generation 500 -1000 m capable tethered profiler. Electric winch and hand winch ready for deployments. Hydraulic winch in WHOI instrument pool is adaptable to this instrument
  • M1000 RSI Microrider SN036 – Standard 1000 m capable Microrider. Modifications to act as PC104 or Persistor logged. Brackets and electrical integration for use on either Slocum G1 or G2 glider
  • M1000 RSI Microrider SN049 – Standard 1000 m capable Microrider. Same modifications as SN036


  • Teledyne Webb Research – Slocum G1 Glider “Helo” – A shallow 200 m air-bladder electric glider with modifications for use as a platform for either of the RSI M1000′s in our pool
  • Teledyne Webb Research – Slocum G2 Glider “Boomer” – A deep 1000 m oil-bladder electric glider with the same modifications as the G1 “Helo”.  A pumped Seabird CTD, strobe and nose cone recovery system are also on-board

Support Equipment: 


  • 110VAC powered ACQ Engineering deck-winch for VMP-500 operations
  • 110VAC powered IWS winch for rail-mounted VMP-500 or similar operations
  • Hand winch, rail mounted


  • 4 Novatech Radio Beacons, VHF
  • 4 Novatech Xeon Flashers
  • Metocean WABO Iridium/GPS Beacon
  • 2x Xeos Sable 5000 Iridium/GPS Beacons

MMM is concerned with small-scale physical processes occurring within the interior of the ocean.  From day cruises to instrument tests to ongoing research, the studies are specifically aimed at understanding the influence of these small-scale physical phenomena on the large-scale tidal flows.

Day Cruises and Instrument Tests

MMM regularly participates in day tests and smaller projects. Examples of notable involvement are listed below.

  • 2009/11: Slocum G1 Glider with RSI Microrider test: Onslo Bay, North Carolina.
  • 2011/08VMP-500 Turbulence measurements of Drifter Line: Woods Hole.
  • 2011/09: Glider testing: Cape Cod Bay. Intercomparison of Spray and Slocum gliders for use with Rockland Scientific Microrider package.
  • 2011/10: Intercomparison of VMP-500 and Nortek Aquadop HR platforms. Including deployment of a Spray for a one month microstructure sampling mission.